Our discos are a fun time for our Jammers (young people with disabilities) to hang-out with each other outside of their workshops, spend time with non-workshop Jammers, and dance or jam the night away with family and friends, and anyone else who loves the magic of StarJam.

Everyone loves an excuse to dress-up! Each of our discos have a theme, like winter wonderland, around the world, and pop and rock superstars.

Not a Jammer? Our discos are a great way for you to see and enjoy the magic of StarJam for yourself. If you come along at the end of every school term in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, or Christchurch, you’ll meet between 60 to 120 people jamming and having a lot of fun!


Why discos?

  • Our Jammers have lots of fun making new friends and growing their confidence.
  • Families or whānau of Jammers can meet other families and build their support network.
  • Jammers shine and share their talents by giving rehearsed and moving performances.
  • The magic of StarJam and the positive difference we can make with your support will stay with you for a long time. Be careful, you will be hooked!


Where young New Zealanders with disabilities unleash their full potential through the magic of music, dance and performance.