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Good News Story

Good News Story

As told by Gabrielle Aberhart, Scott’s support person) Scott is a non-verbal 17 year old boy is with downs syndrome.

Scott loves music and dancing so it was a natural choice to enrol him in StarJam Christchurch. There is not a StarJam group where Scott is from. Scott is one of three students that attend StarJam from Halswell Residential College.

Scott’s favourite day of the week is a Tuesday. This means that he gets to go away from the school and spend time with other students like him. Even though Scott cannot talk he enjoys the start of each session where he gets to hear what each student has been up to. Scott’s favourite part of StarJam is when they have spot the talent at the end. Scott enjoys watching the other students perform their songs, he always cheers the loudest.

The biggest impact that StarJam has had on Scott is that he is able to go out into the community and attend an activity with other that are like him. Scott does not fit into mainstream activities because of his limited ability.
The StarJam team that hold the sessions do amazing work with the students and allow each student to express themselves in their own way. Because Scott is non-verbal they still engage with him on a level that he can communicate back with them.

After a few sessions at StarJam we were able to see Scott’s confidence grow. He started to communicate more with staff and students. Scott has come back with more songs and dances that he enjoys showing everyone. I would recommend StarJam to any family that has a member that has downs syndrome or intellectual disability.

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