What We Do

We Use Music and Performance to Transform Lives

Since its launch in 2002, StarJam has shown it has the potential to play a powerful role in influencing social norms and changing perceptions. StarJam has a positive impact on the Jammers’ lives, and just as important, on their families/whanau, audiences, and the wider community.

We provide music workshops, community events, private and public gigs throughout the country to empower young New Zealanders living with disabilities. We work with young people aged 6 to 25 and all are welcomed irrespective of their disability. The range of workshops provided caters to a wide range of interests – singing, dancing, drumming and guitar.

We provide safe and nurturing workshop environments where our young people are amongst their peers and no longer the minority. Jammers (our young people) are free to explore and practice the social, emotional and physical skills they learn in a workshop environment, and then utilise these within the wider community. Often experiencing acceptance and respect for the very first time, our Jammers develop self-confidence, self-belief, and friendships that last a lifetime

There is currently a waiting list of Jammers keen to join StarJam workshops throughout the country. With your support, our aim is to continue expanding our programmes so that more you New Zealanders with disabilities can realise their potential and achieve their dreams.

We cannot achieve our goals without you. StarJam receives no government funding and we are reliant on the support and generosity of people like you.