Be a Jammer

Our amazing Jammers (our young people) are at the heart of everything we do. If you are a young person with a disability aged between 6 and 25 years old, we invite you to step outside your comfort zone, dream big and discover the magic of StarJam.


And here’s why:

  • Make friends and be yourself - many Jammers say that the best part about StarJam is meeting new people. No matter what challenges you are facing, we give each and every Jammer the freedom to be who they want to be. 

“What I love about StarJam is making friends and being happy and I love dancing.” Oliver, Jammer.

  • Express yourself - enjoy fun, vibrant workshops each week where you can reach for the stars, discover your talents, and express yourself, your way.

“Reach for the Stars. StarJam is everything to us, we love it. Every week we come to StarJam to show who we are NOW” Jammers and best friends, Alex & Glen.

  • Perform - our Jammers can perform in gigs to show-off their singing, dancing and musical talents in front of an audience. All Jammers are also invited to take part in the annual StarJam End of Year Concert - a celebration of their hard work and a beautiful evening of Jamming enjoyed by friends, whānau and the wider community. 

“It's not easy being a movie star for an hour, but I love it!!" Toby, Jammer.

  • Transform your life - We know that anything is possible with music and performance. Every workshop, every gig, every performance, you get to be who you want to be. 

“StarJam is like a dream come true for me as it's a place where I can share my love for music and dancing with other like-minded kids. I have felt like a part of the StarJam whānau since day one.” Ayaan, Jammer.


Be your bold, creative, extraordinary self and enrol in a StarJam workshop today. Contact 09 300 6257 or


Over 25 and fear of missing out?

Don’t worry, anyone over the age of 25 can attend our once a term Discos, which are open to all our Jammers and the wider community.


Where young New Zealanders with disabilities unleash their full potential through the magic of music, dance and performance.