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Money4Jam – The Balzats

The Balzats are an amazing family of seven very talented young people. They are return Money4Jammers from last year, where I personally got to hear them live (they are amazing). Together with their parents all nine members form a musical band, playing a variety of genres of acoustic instrumental music, such as violins, guitars, keyboard, flute, cello and drums.

Their repertoire of folk rock, and their own compositions are growing and with it their popularity. They continually impress audiences with the high level of individual and combined musicianship demonstrated from the youngest to the oldest.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, view their video below and decide for yourself. Then you can head over to their team page to sponsor them!

There are 7 days left for you to get involved so please visit our Money4Jam website, we would also really love for you all to join us on the M4J Facebook page and following us on Twitter @StarJam!

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Meet more Buskers, AND what talent’s do you posses?

Greetings StarJam followers! Thanks for coming back and reading today.

So if you were to win the trip to LA what would you do? Apart from going on a Hollywood set there are lots of things you can do in LA, check out the Lonely Planet Guide:

If you haven’t signed up a team then you’re not in the running, so get going and visit and sign up your team! It’s so easy, and you don’t have to be especially musical to create a busking act. What else are you good at? Can you do magic tricks? Do you have a special talent? You know, my Mum can touch her nose with her tongue, wonder if I can talk her in to signing up πŸ˜‰

My sister has been ‘Busking’ online now for 6 days and so far she is going great guns! She is learning to learn to play the Ukulele, but enough about that now as I will get to that more in up coming blog posts.

So, Now the part I know your dying for! More about the wonderful people who have already stepped up to make a difference in the lives of our StarJam children.

first up today we have The Balzats are a family of nine living in Auckland, New Zealand. All nine members together form a musical band, playing a variety of genres of acoustic instrumental music. These include contemporary Irish arrangements,blues, folk rock, and their own compositions. Their combined instruments include: violins, guitars, keyboard, flute, cello and drums. And WOWSER they are GOOD! Check out their AWESOME video.

The Balzats team consists of Uwe Balzat, Viv Balzat, Heidi Schmidt, Jens Balzat, Katja Balzat, Anni Balzat, Britta Balzat, Marika Balzat and Matthias Balzat.

The Balzats are Jamming for Amelia Eades. Amelia likes going out with her cousins and walking their dog. She also love hanging out with her friends after school.

Check out their page to support them!

Second for today we have Sean and Jack They both play Guitar and have Both entered into the Golden Guitar Awards in Gore. Sean Started playing at the age of 6 and Jack Started playing at the age of 10.

They are Jamming for Matakorama Waipouri β€œSong and dance is her thing!”
She loves shopping, playing with her Barbie and she loves the colour pink.

To support Sean and Jack go visit their page!

Now for my BROTHER Ben Matthews What can I say about Ben? .. Apparently not a lot according to him, as he put the kibosh on any stories that end up in him falling asleep on the toilet (as a toddler), crying at the Pokemon Movie (as a young child) or spending more time on his beauty routine than anyone else in this house hold, ever!
Ben has been a member of StarJam for getting on 5 years and was one of the first members of StarJam’s Groovy Guitar’s with Bob Flemming.
Ben has a had a passion for music his entire life, and wanted to first learn the guitar at Six. At that time he found it difficult to learn, but back then we didn’t have his Aspergers diagnosis and it just didn’t work. He picked it back up again at 9, but didn’t fully succeed until he started Groovy Guitars.
Under the guidance of Bob with the assistance of StarJam, Ben has blossomed in to not just an accomplished singer and player of the guitar but also a music composer.and lyric writer.

Ben is obviously Jamming on behalf of himself and the Groovy Guitar’s. He wants to raise money so more kids can be offered the chance to experience the dedication of StarJam’s Dedicated Teachers. Support Ben HERE and view his video of him play the StarJam Hamilton Launch, a song he wrote himself called ‘Worth the fight’

Next on the Agenda we have 3/63 After 6 months of flatting together, this duo is now ready to shift to the streets.
As an old-hand in the performing arts, Rees has all the skills he needs to get out there for StarJam.
Despite being less qualified, Kevin is always up for a laugh at his own expense – particularly if it involves dancing to K$sha’s ‘Tik Tok’.

3/63 are Jamming for Sarah Morris. Sarah loves swimming and her favourite colour is blue. She likes watching Shortland Street and Extreme Makeover:Home Edition.

You can check out 3/63 here and support them!

And last but not least for today we have Dennis from Accounts. These avid Starwars fans are always looking for a chance to pull their costumes out of the cupboard, so are pretty excited Money4Jam has come along!
Both uni students are bringing their skills to the competition. Nick has a history of making short videos and has recently taken part in the 40 hour film festival. While Matt’s two years experience working in a video store have made him quite the film connoisseur – watching around three movies every week.

Dennis From Accounts are Jamming for Tore Bell, The ‘Big-Brother’ who shows the youngsters how to groove! Tore played 10-pin bowling at the Special Olympics. He loves hanging out with his family.

To support Dennis from Accounts Make sure you check out their page!

And as they say in some circles, ‘That’s a wrap’ for today πŸ™‚
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