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Money4Jam – That Yo-Yo Guy

Now this is a ‘Guy’ that has truly gotten creative for Money4Jam! He is certainly thinking out side the box with his performance. Justin is a 21 year old uni student from Wellington and just over a year ago developed a bit of an obsession with yo-yos. He finds them very fun and urges us all to turn our hand to it, Perhaps though I am a bit of a lost cause as I have only ever managed to tie yo-yo’s up in to knots. I hope you find a buddy to yo-yo with soon Justin!

Watch his Video and then go and donate on his Team Page. (By the way – My son thinks you are amazing! So you may have a convert in our house after all!)

There are 6 days left for you to get involved so please visit our Money4Jam website, we would also really love for you all to join us on the M4J Facebook page and following us on Twitter @StarJam!

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