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StarJam Flashmob

Firstly apologies to all StarJam’s blog fans for the big time lag in updates. There’s been too much happening to write blogs!!!! Let’s start with last Saturday 9th June’s big excitement with 100 Jammers and support crew doing a crowd-stopping flash mob at Sylvia Park, Auckland.

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way song was belted out while the Jammers danced the moves they’d learnt from a video online or at their workshops over the past three weeks. Everyone had so much fun but the real fun is yet to come. ….. the official video of this moving event.

Even though Lady Gaga who was in Auckland at the time, didn’t accept our invitation to come and see this spectacle, nobody went away disappointed. Lost count of how many people said it was the most fun thing they’d done in a loooong time. Watch out for the video. You’ll see what we mean.


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