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Money for Jam at Aotea Square

Greetings Jam followers!

Please accept my apologies for this not having got to you earlier, but life (and labour weekend) interrupted. However I DO have the photos from last Thursdays Busking Event.

Like I said in the previous post The weather didn’t exactly behave, but despite the periodic down pour we all had a fantastic time.

I didn’t realise this at the time, because true to form I was late but the brand new Mayor of the new ‘Super City’ Auckland Len Brown also rocked it out on the mike! Here is a photo of him in action.

Now, if you came along on the day or happened to be passing by I imagine you would have noticed all the balloons! And they were all blown up by our fabulous AUT PR Girls. Heres a photo of them posing with them all blown up.

Now here is a beautiful photo of Moana, one our Jammers with the 4oClock Jammers singing on the ‘stage’ together. The 4oClock Jammers did fantastic on the day and collected $128 from spectators! That’s a great effort guys!

The Latenighters are another team who have done really well so far! And only just recently knocked off the top stop as far as the fund raising is concerned. Here’s a photo of Andrew Tanyon with our Star Jammer Jaden.

Ben may have gotten up and rocked the crowd last but he certainly did a fantastic job. As you know from my previous post I was shaking his Bucket and I managed to collect $51.40 from people passing by and stopping to have a listen. I am quietly quite proud of myself. Here he in all his glory, you could have a hard time imagining that he has Aspergers in this photo and finds social situations very awkward. However he seems to adopt another persona when ‘on stage’ and well, the crowd really can’t help but love him. (He writes all his own music and lyrics too!) And I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for StarJam and the patient mentoring and belief of Bob his StarJam Guitar Teacher, he wouldn’t be where he was today. Not only getting up on stage to DO IT but ENJOYING himself in the process!

Next up we have four of our cutest buskers. Lew and Eddy and ROCK U, who are two teams of VERY talented boys! I was blown away at how well they could play and sing! Jeez, I wish I had even a tiny amount of the talent they possess.
Here’s Lew and Eddy

And here is ROCK U

The Balzats are a WHOLE family of amazingly talented people, and if it wasn’t for the fact I had a bucket to shake I would have happily spent the whole afternoon listening to them. I hope my kids want to play insturments when they are bigger, this family are complete stars! They collected a whooping big $240.50 and I can totally understand why!

The Foxy Stars preformed before I arrived, but they looked very business like all dressed up in their work attire. They also have raised heaps busking! And have you seen their video? Very cool and worth checking out. Here is a picture of them posing with Moana.

Jessica was second to last on the stage on the day so I thought, hey lets put her in the same position! Jessica aka Girl Meets Uke WOWED the crowed with her opera singing abilities (She sang Ava Maria the song she preformed at my wedding). I may be a tad bias but this girls can SING! So well in fact she got a $100 from ONE single Man! I’m so so proud of her! This is a photo of her while singing, with my boy Captain Chaos as her music stand.

And just to see you out for the evening, here is a photo of Julie with Len Brown, Jaden and Daniel!

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We also have some more teams! So I’ll tell you some more about them tomorrow!! Don’t forget that the competition phase of Money for Jam ends at Midnight on the 31st October so get donating!

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Some late night You Tube Video watching is in order!

As the Latenighters pull in to the lead by more than $700 other teams are pulling out all the stops. and HERE is their video! Since they are SO far in the lead I thought I’d put there video first 🙂 So please go watch it!
We hope that you will be joining us for Busking at Aotea Square this coming Thursday from 12pm until 1pm! We will be there as will many of the other teams mentioned in yesterday’s post.

We have had quite a few videos going up over the last days and they are all fantastic, so in no particular order here they are.










  • Day 15 amazing GraceGirl Meets Uke (my baby sister) still going strong despite the odds! (Of being sick that is!)In fact she has done SO many videos now I am going to give her, her very own blog post! Because after that mammoth effort I think she deserves it!



  • Busking for StarJam, Ham’N’Jam singing to the bright lights of Hamiltron! LOVE the way those Baker’s Delight guys ‘JAM’!They may have been singing ‘In the Rain, but the sun certainly came out for them!



  • Lewis Eady StarJammers “Lew & Eddy” 17 Oct 2010, Lew and Eddy are seriously cute! Check out their busking Video!! Singing an original song no less, called “Mutiny” on Auckland’s Queen St during a 90 minute busking session for StarJam. Watch out for the gorilla!



  • Meadowbank Rock Band also known as the Meadowbank Buskers sound FANTASTIC! And a whole band of them!









  • Jamie and Bianca had me dancing about in my office chair! They sound awesome on the piano and Bass thingy?? erh … Chello maybe? Sorry! Your Jazz sounds honestly awesome!



  • 3/63 have wowed us all with their version of Super Mario, and I fell down in giggles! Great work guys!



  • I honestly think I want to eat JELLY BEANS now! Thanks to Poppy Dust who floored me with their fantastic performance!


  • The Amazing Busking Machine has also just uploaded their video ‘Everybody (StarJam’s Back!)‘ and YAY honestly it had me transfixed for all 3 minutes 20 seconds so GO NOW and watch that one even if you managed to make it thus far with out clicking on any of the other link.

All of these wonderful people are deserving of our support as are each and every child that StarJam supports! My mantra right now has been GO GO MONEY FOR JAM! I couldn’t be more proud of what all these wonderful people have achieved so far. You can go check out all our wonderful teams HERE, browse their teams profiles and most importantly donate a few dollars to your favourites. Remember, it only takes $5 to change a child’s life, and the positive work that StarJam does for children with disabilties speaks for itself.

PLEASE don’t forget that we will be at Aotea Square tomorrow between 12pm and 1pm. There is going to be heaps of us there busking our hearts out. Well maybe not so much me as far as the singing is concerned, but I WILL be there with Captain Chaos and those trouble monsters and if you REALLY do feel the need to listen to me sound like I am quite possibly killing a cat of some sort then you can watch me feature as one of Girl Meets Uke’s guest singers when the Bronchitis got the better of her.

One more thing before I go, have you joined us on Facebook yet? If you “like” Money4Jam on Facebook you go in the draw for:A performance by a group of StarJam kids for your event/party (Auckland only)

  • Five prizes of a year’s supply of Barker’s Jam
  • A StarJam T-shirt signed by Dominic Bowden
  • A Hollywood T-shirt signed by Dominic Bowden
  • Lots of chocolate hampers donated by Nestle NZ Ltd
  • And many more…


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