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Just a quick post tonight, because I want to delve in a bit better once I have the photos to accompany it. BUT Today we hit the streets (Aotea Square) And SPREAD the JAM big time! And it apart from the rain it was enormously successful! In fact I Was in such a good mood even the rain couldn’t bring me down. (In my head I was humming ‘Singing in the Rain’ – Thanks Ham’n’Jam for that one! If you are wondering what I am going on about then please do go to their team profile and watch their video!)

Anyhow, as I was saying. Yes it did rain but by golly did we make an impact. People did indeed flock to watch which made it very easy for myself to accost them with our StarJam Buckets with my biggest most friendliest smile and ask if they had yet to donate “Money for Jam”. Turns out I am rather good at that! Not exactly sure how much I raised with that method for Ben (it was his bucket I was shaking) But I DID take a photo! (I’ll post it tomorrow once I process the few photos I took between bucket shaking)

I can’t say THANK YOU enough to all the kind and generous people who donated not only time by their hard earned money to such a good cause.

All our Buskers were AMAZING! I was so impressed with the level of talent! I hope the video is uploaded soon so we can share it will all of you who might have missed it and didn’t get a chance to donate to your favourites on the day.

I’ll be back again tomorrow with the photos I hope! As I always say, have you liked us on facebook yet? If not, get over there and do it now! Lot’s of prizes up for grabs if you do 🙂

Em ❤

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21 October — Get ready to JAM!

Now if you are living in Auckland and are free at lunch time on the 21st October (This Thursday!) Then this is something you will NOT want to miss!

All our Buskers are putting their talent out on display at Aotea Square from 12-1pm.

Come along to see a selection of the teams busking, and you might get some goodies too.

Here are a list of the teams that may be busking:

  • Ben Matthews
  • Girl Meets Uke
  • Jaime and Bianca
  • Lew & Eddy
  • Ponsonby Pipers
  • Rock U
  • The 4 O’clock Jammers
  • The Balzats
  • The Foxy Stars
  • The Jamsta
  • Velvet Vocals

So come along and support your favourite team. It’s going to be a blast! And a little birdy tells me that ZM’s Black Thunders will be there as well as Ray Woolf and Ben Lummis! So what more excuse do you need to take a long lunch.

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