Maggie Eyre

Board Member

Maggie Eyre is an international communications consultant, business director, published author and StarJam board member. Her books “Speak Easy” and “Speak in Public with Confidence” sell in India, Indonesia, UK, Australia and New Zealand. In 2007, Maggie launched Fresh Eyre, a company that specialises in transforming hesitant speakers into confident communicators.

A presentation trainer, stylist and media advisor to former Prime Minister Helen Clark, Maggie’s work has been recognized in Time Magazine and in international media in the United Kingdom, China and Dubai.

With over 30 years’ experience in business, public relations, education, and theatre, Maggie brings her creative flair and business savvy to StarJam’s board. Guided by principles of equality, integrity and compassion, Maggie lives to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged young New Zealanders and her motto is: ‘never give up on anyone’.


Where young New Zealanders with disabilities unleash their full potential through the magic of music, dance and performance.