Workshop Regions

Workshop Regions

Workshop Regions

After unprecedented success following StarJam’s launch in Auckland in 2002, we launched StarJam in Hamilton in 2010; Wellington in 2011; Christchurch in 2012, and Tauranga in 2015.  Further growth is planned for other key regions throughout New Zealand to meet the growing demand for StarJam’s unique programmes and to make the greatest impact on the community.

Our goal is to grow throughout the country so that 80% of young people living with disabilities are within one hour’s drive of a StarJam workshop. It is an ambitious goal that we can only achieve with your support. StarJam receives no funding from the New Zealand Government and we rely on our StarJam family and generous supporters like you to fund our programmes.


Auckland Regional Programmes Coordinator: Ashleigh Ogden

P 09 300 6257 | M 021 243 6588 | 







Waikato and Bay of Plenty Regional Programmes Coordinator:
Brittany Williams

P 07 211 7576 | M 022 094 0089 |







Wellington Regional Programmes Coordinator: Adam Koveskali

P  04 212 4971 | M 021 782 866 |








Christchurch Regional Programmes Coordinator: Jo Casey 

P 03 423 1691 | M 021 782 766 |