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Just a quick post tonight, because I want to delve in a bit better once I have the photos to accompany it. BUT Today we hit the streets (Aotea Square) And SPREAD the JAM big time! And it apart from the rain it was enormously successful! In fact I Was in such a good mood even the rain couldn’t bring me down. (In my head I was humming ‘Singing in the Rain’ – Thanks Ham’n’Jam for that one! If you are wondering what I am going on about then please do go to their team profile and watch their video!)

Anyhow, as I was saying. Yes it did rain but by golly did we make an impact. People did indeed flock to watch which made it very easy for myself to accost them with our StarJam Buckets with my biggest most friendliest smile and ask if they had yet to donate “Money for Jam”. Turns out I am rather good at that! Not exactly sure how much I raised with that method for Ben (it was his bucket I was shaking) But I DID take a photo! (I’ll post it tomorrow once I process the few photos I took between bucket shaking)

I can’t say THANK YOU enough to all the kind and generous people who donated not only time by their hard earned money to such a good cause.

All our Buskers were AMAZING! I was so impressed with the level of talent! I hope the video is uploaded soon so we can share it will all of you who might have missed it and didn’t get a chance to donate to your favourites on the day.

I’ll be back again tomorrow with the photos I hope! As I always say, have you liked us on facebook yet? If not, get over there and do it now! Lot’s of prizes up for grabs if you do 🙂

Em ❤

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Yesterday, Captain Chaos, the Trouble Monsters, Girl Meet’s Uke, Ben, My Mum and Nikki went for a walk in Auckland City. We visited the AUT Campus and the Auckland Uni Campus and literally ‘Spread the Jam’ We gave out about 200 fliers, telling anyone who would listen about Money for Jam and what is in it for THEM to go jump in feet first and get involved!

Apart from feeling rather tired by the end of the day, and the girls loosing their rag completely, I feel we accomplished something really good!

So now it’s your turn, turn to you neighbour, your school teacher, friends, family or the stranger down the street and let THEM know about Money for Jam and the fantastic things StarJam does for children with disabilities!

Together we can make this thing a reality and a success! Here is a photo of Captain Chaos with the two girls in the park who donated him his first $5 for Money for Jam!! Looking rather pleased with himself 🙂

Captain Chaos's first Five Dollars

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More Buskers!

Greetings again, for the SECOND time today! YAY for a bonus post!

First up today we have ‘Spreading the Jam’. Spreading the Jam are a group of high school students (with maybe the odd exception) who believe that anyone with a passion and appreciation for music should be given every opportunity to express it. The group members are Deborah Yoon, Russell Stirling, Bruno Shirley, Yelia Schnelle, Hertzog Burger, Emily Burns, Kasey Visser, Belinda Woodward, Dahn Kim, Katharina Schaefer, Catrona Anderson, Pol Nicholson and Matt Bradford.

Spreading The Jam are Jamming for Grace Lee, Grace believes that you should “take a chance because you never know how wonderful it can be!” That’s how she feels belonging to StarJam.

You can support ‘Spreading the Jam’ by visiting their Team Profile!

Secondly for today we have The Amazing Busking Machine. Who promise entertaining things for us! I for one can’t wait to see them on the Busking Day. They say they would love to display “high flying acrobatics, in tune velvet vocals, highly emotive dramatic street acting, hip hop moves that only MC Hammer could touch and sport timeless fashions, The kind that last longer than Heidi Montag’s fashion school stint” So I imagine The Amazing Busking Machine will certainly bring it!

The Amazing Busking Machine are Jamming for Ken Allen.“Ken is a Dane Rumble Fan who loves dancing and hanging out with his Hip Hop mates at StarJam and spending time with his sister.

To support The Amazing Busking Machine visit their Team profile!

Third on the list we have another of my family members! Girl Meets Uke aka Jessica Matthews who is completing a VLog while learning to play the Ukulele. She is posting a new video and song every day on her Facebook Group Check it out! She has already had three different guest singers (due to her hacking cough that won’t seem to shift) And guess what, I am one of them (heh) Don’t get too excited though, my singing ability leaves a LOT to be desired. Jess however is a VERY talented singer and her Uke playing is coming a long in leaps and bounds.

Support Girl Meets Uke by visiting her Team Profile.

Forth on the list for today we have ‘Songs4kids’ with Kath Bee. She says she is a small team of one, a children’s song writer and that you may remember some of her song’s from school – “Individuality” “Dad I wanna be a Camel” “Seasons” and “Save the Planet”. She lives in Nelson and is rather looking forward to Summer! Kath has a rather funny song about Road Kill – And although it might sound a bit odd it is definitely worth listening too!

Songs4kids are Jamming for Mohit Chand. Hohit is a basketball star who also loves rapping, beat-boxing and dancing with his mates at StarJam.

Support Songs4kids by visiting her Team page!

And lastly for today we have Poppy Dust. They say “We’re a band born out of musical theatre, and we’re bringing back love!!”
Poppy Dust is a Wellington based originals pop band which brings together band members with over 40 years of combined music and performance experience in corporate entertainment, bands, musical theatre, television, film and more!
They’ve been around for just eleven months now but they’ve already started to get national and international recognition and managed to cement a great fan base. They’re also proud to announce that they have just won the National 2010 Battle of the Bands competition.

Poppy Dust is made up of seven entertainers who all have day jobs. One of these is Stacey Neale whose days are spent at AXA New Zealand, so the AXA Hearts in Action team is proud to support Poppy Dust’s entry into the Money for Jam busking competition.

Poppy Dust are Jamming for Katie Nash. Katie is a member of the Velvet Vocals. They recently performed in Sydney, Australia, where Katie rocked it on stage with her fellow Jammers. Katie loves singing, dancing and puzzles.

Please support Poppy Dust by visiting their Team Profile.

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