Make a Regular Donation

Make a Regular Donation

Make a Regular Donation

With a regular monthly gift, you can provide life-transforming opportunities to young New Zealanders living with a disability.

The JamClub is a group of amazing individuals who believe anything is possible for young people with disabilities. StarJam currently has waiting lists of amazing potential Jammers (our young people) throughout the country who are waiting to join workshops. Our programmes are free but we receive no government funding and reliant on your generous support. Your ongoing commitment will enable us to expand our programmes to meet the growing demand.

Your regular gift of $30 will support one Jammer to attend weekly workshops for one whole year to experience inclusion and acceptance, develop new skills, friendships and build self-confidence.


StarJam is unique – and so is becoming a member of the JamClub.

  • You will receive personal satisfaction that each month you are helping to empower a young person living with a disability and transforming their life.
  • You will receive your very own stylish star-pin to wear with pride as a JamClub Member.
  • You will receive regular inspiring updates on the unique opportunities you are providing to Jammers throughout New Zealand.
  • You can apply to receive tax breaks (a third of your donation is returned to you by the New Zealand Government).

Our Jammers will be so grateful to you. These amazing young people living with disabilities have already overcome so many obstacles in their short lives yet they exude joy, fun and courage. You’ll enjoy getting to know them.  Join the JamClub today!