Christmas Appeal 2016

StarJam Christmas Appeal 2016

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Jade’s family describe her as very social. She has always loved people, animals, music and supporting her younger siblings’ achievements. Jade’s mum felt that due to her daughter’s intellectual disability, hearing and eyesight issues she was “always an observer.” When Jade’s family heard about StarJam they knew it would be a great fit.

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The growth in Jade since her first workshop has been phenomenal. Attending her weekly singing workshop over the past 5 years has given Jade an increase in confidence and a wider circle of friends whom she has developed enough trust to perform in front of and alongside. StarJam is the highlight of Jade’s week and she takes the joy she experiences there into other parts of her life- often initiating and encouraging her school friends to take part in group singing and performances. Being a Jammer, according to Jade’s Mum, “has given her the opportunity to shine.”

“… it has given Jade the opportunity to shine.”

Jade’s whole family have felt the benefits she’s gained through StarJam. Her siblings now have the chance to attend Jade’s performances to return the love and support she has always given them “they are proud of her achievements and she loves it.”  Jade’s Mum says it has connected her with other parents who she can not only share valuable information about services with but who “really understand.”

There are many more young New Zealanders like Jade who are waiting for their chance to shine. Your gift of $30 can help give a potential Jammer that opportunity!  We have many young people and their families waiting to start experiencing StarJam’s programmes around the country.  Your gift will shorten the queue. Thank you so much for your support this Christmas. 

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