Celebrate what you can do!

When our Jammers reach 25, they graduate from StarJam. But graduating doesn’t mean they suddenly want to dropout. They’re so much a part of who we are and they want to continue to inspire others through music and performance.

And through music, miracles can happen, friendships are made and being yourself is something to celebrate.

That’s why we’re so excited to now offer something more for our StarJam graduates AND inspire corporates with a unique team building experience.

So, in November last year, we launched our first ever Corporate Team building session, with the Qantas senior leadership team as our willing, but slightly nervous, guinea pigs.

In the capable hands of our StarJam graduate, Jono, the Qantas team learnt a song, wrote a song and performed to each other. They got to experience the magic of StarJam workshops and step outside their comfort zones, collaborate, create, and have fun. Where else can you sing together with your team mates, dress-up, write a song, and be inspired by charming, funny and talented Jono?

And, in the usual busyness of work, we don’t always get the chance to give and receive positive feedback, but teams who do this build trust, grow comfortable with one another, and accept and celebrate what makes everyone unique. That’s why the chance to give positive feedback to colleagues is such a big part of StarJam’s corporate team building sessions.

We’re so excited to bring this programme to even more teams in 2019. Get in touch if you want to find out more!

And remember, teams that jam together stay together!

"The StarJam workshop felt more meaningful than your usual team building session. Jono’s (alumni Jammer) message about focusing your energy on and celebrating what you can do rather than worrying about what you can't was really powerful.”

From Georgia Blackburn, Regional GM NZ, South America & Pacific Islands, Qantas