Minjee Kim, 22 years old, West Dazzling Dance Workshop – Auckland

Minjee, 24 years old, West Dazzling Dance, Auckland

Minjee has been a part of the West Dazzling Dance workshop since 2013. When Minjee first started StarJam she was a very quiet, reserved member of the workshop. She was very shy so hardly spoke and would only give a thumbs up as feedback for other Jammers performances. She did not perform during Spot-The-Talent, instead happy to watch other members of the workshop perform. Spot-The-Talent is an aspect of the workshop where Jammers have the opportunity to perform individually and peers give positive feedback after each performance.

With gentle encouragement by tutors, volunteers and her peers, Minjee has definitely grown in confidence in her workshop. This year, Minjee has been performing Spot-The-Talent by herself and has volunteered to be MC – introducing performances in front of her workshop. She is also giving positive, detailed feedback during Spot-The-Talent performances. Minjee now chats to other Jammers during break times and has formed strong friendships within StarJam.

The volunteers in the workshop are very excited by Minjee’s progress and keep us updated. Here are some comments from volunteers over the past year:

  • “Minjee normally does the dance have been learning in the workshop for her Spot-the-Talent dance and she did the same tonight. Usually she needs to look at the tutor to help her to remember the moves but today she did it alllll by herself!” Sabrina Ou, Volunteer
  • “Minjee put her hand up to give the first feedback of the first performance for Spot-The-Talent tonight!” Sabrina Ou, Volunteer
  • “Tonight, Minjee really wanted to go first for Spot-The-Talent. Minjee did her Spot-The-Talent on the dance we’re currently learning which she normally does. However, in the dance there are a lot of freestyle moves so when Minjee danced, she was putting in a lot of her own spontaneous freestyle moves. It was really nice to see her do her own thing in the dance rather than sticking to just the choreography.” Hope Collins-Piggot, Volunteer
  • “I saw Minjee reach a new milestone during Spot-The-Talent. Tonight she brought along her own music and performed a dance that she had pre-prepared. This was the first time that she has performed a song that we have not danced to in workshops.” Hope Collins-Piggott, Volunteer

Minjee recently received a Hero Award for her progress, nominated by volunteer, Sabrina Ou. “MinJee is an awesome member of the West Dazzling Dancing workshop. She has really grown in confidence: putting her hand up first to give feedback to her group, volunteering to be MC, and performing amazing dances in Spot-The-Talent!”