Mark, 24 years old, Sensational Singers – Christchurch

Mark, 24 years old, Sensational Singers, Christchurch

Sensational Singers Workshop, Christchurch

“The main thing is that you’ve just got to get up there and give it a go!”

Mark has always been an enthusiastic singer but his musical talents have blossomed since joining StarJam. As a member of the Christchurch Sensational Singers Workshop, his confidence has grown in terms of his charismatic stage presence with his uncanny ability to incorporate the audience into his every performance.

Initially when Mark first came on board, he was quite reserved when performing in front of an audience. On the odd occasion he did choose to entertain for the other Jammers, it would be with reluctance and he would avoid any form of audience engagement.

It has now been just over a year since Mark has joined StarJam and the change in him has been remarkable. He now takes ownership of centre stage and is like a seasoned performer. With his love and musical passion he encaptures the likes of Ricky Martin with his dynamic dance moves and his all-around lively performance persona. Mark’s low gravely sounding voice mirrors the likes of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash as he is incredibly flawless within his vocal delivery, despite having a vocal stutter when he speaks.

A milestone in Mark’s musical/personal development was his recent performance at our Spotlight on StarJam Concert when he performed twice during the evening and had the audience on both occasions reflecting his infectious enthusiasm through their claps, cheers and standing ovations.

Lately Mark has taken on a more leadership role within his weekly singing workshop and with the assistance of the tutor, he has begun leading the warm up and warm down vocal exercises. It is clear to see how much his fellow Jammers admire him and value his opinion, as they often look to him for musical advice/feedback on their own singing progress. Mark is a positive energy within his group and is consistently bringing in new ideas to workshop each week to ensure that every Jammer is getting their chance to shine with the selected song choices. Offering uplifting words of encouragement to his fellow Jammers, Mark is looked upon as a type of team captain within their group. In the few years Mark has been a Jammer at StarJam, it is hard to believe how much his natural talent and overall confidence has evolved since joining our workshops back in 2013.