Lilly, 10 years old, Jazzy Jammers (Dance), Hamilton

Lilly, 10 years old, Jazzy Jammers (Dance), Hamilton

Lilly joined StarJam just this year but it seems like she’s been a part of our StarJam family for years. The first night I met Lilly was at her very first Jazzy Jamming Workshop. She walked into the room and you knew it was a place where she just fit in. She was up in front of the whole workshop by the end of the night showing off her dance moves.

“We had tried Lilly at local dance groups and clubs. But found it was too intense / structured for her and she lost interest very quickly. There wasn’t anything in our area that suited her needs, and we really wanted her to be involved in an activity she would enjoy and want to keep going to” Karen, Lilly’s mum

The Jazzy Jamming workshop went to Tauranga to perform at the Multicultural Festival on a large stage in front of a huge crowd. I wasn’t sure how our Jammers would react to this and especially Lilly being so new. The photo that was taken of Lilly on this day is the first time I had actually seen her smile properly, I think this might even be a grin!

Just recently Lilly’s school participated in a nationwide fundraiser in support of StarJam. On the day, Lilly got up and made an impromptu speech in front of her whole school. Lilly’s speech can sometimes be difficult to understand but this line was very clear:

“Sometimes we have to not be nervous when we are in StarJam and be brave”

Lilly’s School Principal said during the period that Lilly has been attending StarJam she has really grown in confidence and responsibility, which is just wonderful to hear.

“When we watch her participating in the workshop she is laughing, playing with the other members, she is full of energy which is rare to see. Her favourite thing is showing off her dance skills to the other Jammers up on stage. Lilly doesn’t get the “social rules” and struggles to join in conversations with others.  But at StarJam she’s one of the gang.”  Karen, Lilly’s mum